sexta-feira, 24 de maio de 2013

Aloha Ke Akua

"Aloha Ke Akua",música de Nahko (Medicine for the People) - 2012
Video por Nino Canino, com produção visual pelo The Mates Group para Estrellas Del Bicentario.(México).

"Aloha, Aloha Ke Akua, Ke Akua,
Aloha, Aloha, Kuleana, Kuleana.

Each day that I wake,
I will praise, I will praise.
Each day that I wake,
I give thanks, I give thanks.

My solidarity is telling me to patiently
be moving the musical medicine around the planet in a hurry,
Cuz there's no time to waste.
Got to wake up the people time to stand up and say,
we know what we are for
and how we became so informed.
Bodies of info, performing such miracles.
I am a miracle, made up of particles
and in this existence,
I'll stay persistent
and I'll make a difference
and I will have lived it."

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